Hi there! My name is Jack.

Here I aim to enthuse about publicity-averse towns, cities and areas across Europe that escape the attention of most tourists (largely from a western perspective).


The objective of this is not to be a chin stroking obscurist (I love Prague, Kraków, Budapest, for example), but to cast a light upon why these other accessible and often very affordable places deserve your attention.

While there are some generic and featureless spots out there that make existence itself seem like some cruel joke, I hope to share with you on here my memories, experiences and recommendations of those places visited off the beaten path to stir the heart strings, get your brain engaged in your surroundings and are downright worth your time.

Hey, you’ve missed some!

That’s inevitably certain. But please note I am accepting guest contributions. If you feel anywhere you’ve visited in Europe deserves a spot on this website then feel free to get in touch ( jackanderton at europe dot com ) and we can set about its inclusion.

I am adding more places every month, so although this resource is currently modest, it is steadily expanding as I seek to provide something of real value.